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Stock Market “Flash Crash 2010″ HD May 6th 2010 (High Quality)

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Stock Market “Flash Crash 2010″ HD May 6th 2010 (High Quality)

2 Stock Market Flash Crash 2010 HD May 6th 2010 (High Quality) Stock Market “Flash Crash 2010″ HD May 6th 2010 (High Quality). Stock Market Crash 2010 Biggest Stock Market Crash Dow Jones History. “Wall Street” 5-6-2010 “Flash Crash” AKA “Fat Finger” “6 May 2010 Stock Market Crash (Live Coverage)!! Incredible!” “Stock Crash” Stock Market Crash at SMF we were Shorting Indexes and Overbought Sectors Stock Market Crash Biggest Stock Market Crash Dow Jones History Stocks set up for huge drop. This is what happens when you get back into bear markets. Stocks can give the move back in 1 day. The Dow Ticker was down almost 1,000 points. That’s a big shake out! They’re probably going to halt trading “Jim CRAMER DOESN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO THINK!” “we can’t stop the selling” “Take them all out for the big bounce of the bottom!” “CANCEL ALL, CANCEL ALL ORDERS!” “stock market crash” “stock market” short shorting index indexes trading chart education training goldman sectors stocks trade traders S&P spx djia crash stock market 05 may 2010 meltdown dow jones nasdaq s&p cnbc bloomberg jim cramer today 1987 plunge selloff p&g apple black thursday EURO “EURO CRASH” dollar “US dollar”

The sub-prime mortgage crisis has led to the bursting of the US housing bubble. What’s next?

Craig Brockie and New York Times best selling financial author and economic forecaster Robert Prechter share how to survive & prosper in a deflationary depression.

Find answers to these questions:

Bull market boom or bear market bust ahead? Recession or depression? Inflation or deflation? Buy or sell? U.S. dollar, Yen, Euro, Amero, gold or silver? Equities or bonds? Can the Fed save the day? Will Ben Bernake and the Federal Reserve print the greenback into oblivion and create a repeat of the German Weimar Republic? Or will we experience another stock market crash followed by a repeat of The Great Depression?

Avoid foreclosure of your home, protect your retirement savings by selling your mutual funds and stocks before the herd, avoid a run on the bank and your insurance company going broke. Sleep well knowing you’re prepared.

Who has the answers? CNBC, Bloomberg, The Wall street Journal, The Economist, The Globe and Mail, or BBC World? How about an interview or panel with Donald Trump, Jim Cramer, Alan Greenspan, Warren Buffet, Doug Casey, Jim Shepherd, Milton Friedman, Naomi Klein, George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Aaron Russo, or Libertarian Ron Paul to save the day?

Should you invest in the NYSE companies, Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 Index, Nasdaq technology stocks, emerging markets such as China, forex and interest rate derivatives, short selling, put options, call options, commodities, commercial real estate, buy homes with no money down, or sell your house? Who will win the next election — the Democratic or Republican party?

Watch this free video and compare it to what you hear on tv shows, radio programs, Googling the web, or your favorite dvd, Youtube channel or online blog. Or Google “The Great Depression” and educate yourself about “deflation” to save your money and financial well being.

It’s a mad world of conflicting opinions about oil and energy prices, billionaire wealth, billion dollar earnings and merger and acquisition news, and trillion dollar debts. Yesterday’s sell off followed by today’s rally on equities (despite the war on terror) leaves both buyers and sellers confused. What’s the big idea? Small caps, market cap, recap, refinance? Wait, there’s GM, GE, HSBC, UBS, RBC, CIBC, TD, BMO – and plain old BS.

I know this sounds like a George Carlin rant, but I bet he could make more sense of the confusing world of finance than most Wallstreet “experts”, reporters and journalists.

A stock market crash is a sudden dramatic decline of stock prices across a significant cross-section of a stock market, resulting in a significant loss of paper wealth. Crashes are driven by panic as much as by underlying economic factors. They often follow speculative stock market bubbles.Stock market crashes are social phenomena where external economic events combine with crowd behavior and psychology in a positive feedback loop where selling by some market participants drives more market participants to sell. Generally speaking, crashes usually occur under the following conditions[1]: a prolonged period of rising stock prices and excessive economic optimism , a market where P/E ratios exceed long-term averages, and extensive use of margin debt and leverage by market participants.

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